Glen Clark & Co are authorised distributors of LG Electronics Solar Modules

The history of LG’s solar business can be traced back to the mid-1980’s, when the LG central research laboratory started R&D on solar technologies. LG considers the solar power business not as a mere business expansion, but an important growth engine for the LG Group.

Today solar manufacturing across the world is going through a consolidation phase.

A similar consolidation occurred in TV manufacturing 20 years ago. From a field of 20 plus TV companies only a handful manufacture flat panel TVs today. LG is one of those leaders. We believe that solar will follow a similar scenario. Over the next three years LG is embarking on a strategic expansion of its solar manufacturing capacity in order to increase efficiencies and offer a wider product range.

Embracing The Power Of The Australian Sun – LG Electronics

LG’s focus on quality control sits at the heart of their manufacturing main
philosophy. This quality-first philosophy has been developed through
decades of creating top class electronic equipment.

A solar production cluster has been organised within the LG Group to
ensure vertical integration in the solar power industry.

Today LG Electronics has a team of more than one hundred engineers working in solar research and development. Our module
manufacturing plant located in Gumi, Korea uses the latest state-ofthe-
art equipment to manufacture solar panels that deliver product reliability and high performance for decades to come.

It means every component from PV cells to glass and framing undergoes individual performance testing and separate quality control.
If the quality of any component does not meet their industry leading standards, then it will not be used.

Their industry leading LG New 25 Year Warranty on their generation 5 solar modules gives 15 years manufacturer and 25 year performance protection.


LG Chem RESU Energy Storage Systems

The RESU® energy storage system has the following features.

The battery pack is designed for household photovoltaic systems.

The battery pack’s built-in BMS monitors its operation and prevents the battery from operating outside design limitations.

The battery pack can be easily expanded by adding expansion battery packs.

Actual output from the system system is limited by the allowable depth of discharge for the battery and the amount of energy stored between discharge cycles.

There may be times when, due to bad weather or limited insolation that your solar system may not produce enough power to fully recharge the system.

It may be possible (dependent on distributor rules) to charge the system using off peak electricity.

Currently LG Chem RESU energy storage systems work with Redback Technologies, Fronius Symo and Store Edge and many other solar hybrid inverters.