Repairs & Maintenance

Electricity is all around us, especially indoors. There are many things to remember in order to be safe around electricity.

Always have a licensed electrical tradesman attend to your wiring and appliances.

Putting many plugs in one socket is dangerous. It is called piggy-backing, consider installing another power point next to the one that needs more outlets.

To try to repair electrical wiring or equipment yourself is dangerous.

Water and electricity do not mix, never touch electrical appliances or switches with wet hands.

In the bathroom, make sure electrical appliances like hairdryers or shavers can not fall into the bath or basin.

Keep extension cords, or portable appliances (like electric radios or televisions) away from the bath or pool.

Electrical maintenance

Lack of electrical maintenance is a major contributing factor in electrical accidents today.

Early warning signs that electrical maintenance is needed are:

  • Flickering lights
  • Power failure
  • Hot fuses
  • Constantly tripping safety switches
  • Tingles or zaps from appliances (stop using these appliances immediately)
  • Leads that are worn or frayed
  • Missing or broken guards or covers

Any of these signs indicate the appliance needs to be attended to immediately.

We carry out all residential and commercial maintenance works – a flat rate for the first 30 minutes on the job and no call out charge!

We also can prepare a maintenance plan for your workplace. Keeping unplanned power outages to a minimum and ensuring your lighting is operating at peak efficiency makes good business sense as it keeps your costs down and aids the smooth and uninterrupted flow of work. Call us to assist you with this planned maintenance and ensures your lighting is operating at peak efficiency.