Glen Clark & Co cooperate with Q.Cells in the installation of high quality locally backed renewable energy products.

Q.Cells aim to provide the Australian community not only quality products they have enjoyed since 2009, but also a quality installer network they can rely on. Q.PARTNERs are vetted, trained, and resourced to provide the best experience for Australian solar customers.

Q Cells create renewable products and services to deliver clean power for all.

They develop and deliver everything from a single source, from solar modules and solar systems to high-performance solar power plants and supplementary energy supply solutions.

Solar Modules

25 Year Product & Performance Warranty


Warranty Terms Q.PEAK-DUO-ML-G10.a-385-410

18 Year Product & Performance Warranty

Datasheet Q cells Q.BOOST 390 Watt

Warranty Terms Q.BOOST 390 Watt

15 Year product & Performance Warranty

Datasheet Q Cells Q.MAXX 390 Watt

Warranty Terms Q.MAXX 390 Watt

Energy Storage

Q.Cells also offer the latest in energy storage, refer below for details of the  equipment they offer.


Datasheet Q HOME+ ESS HYB G2

Warranty Terms Q HOME+ ESS HYB-G2

Datasheet Q HOME Core H5

Q Home Core – Energy Storage

There is more to the design and installation of a home energy storage system than the installation.

Our accredited designers will walk you through the steps that are needed to guarantee you end up with a system that not only provides power from your solar system once the sun goes down but also meets all requirements of AS5139:2019 (Safety of battery systems) and Clean Energy Council installation guidelines and requirements but also meets all requirements to ensure a succesful installation that meets the manufacturers warranty conditions.