Solar Power

Solar Power Melbourne

Glen Clark & Co are Clean Energy Council accredited for Design & Installation of Grid Connected Solar Power Systems, with us you will get a no nonsense design and quotation. (Clean Energy Council Accreditation No A0210043)

As Registered Electrical Contractors you can rest easy in the knowledge that Solar Power is a part of our business and that some of the concerns regarding the viability of Solar only businesses does not apply to us – we are here for the long run.

Our quotations are complete in every respect – we show you;

  • A fixed cost for your system (if a no cost, no obligation site visit is completed in accordance with CEC guidelines)
  • A design summary showing you the estimated minimum, maximum and daily average electrical generation for your system
  • Either a sketch or an aerial image of your roof space showing the locations of your solar array and inverter

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Simply put – WE CARE

It is best to design a system to cover your maximum daytime usage of electricity, that is the power you consume during daylight hours.

We will work with prospective clients to determine the most effective system for their needs, a system that will save you money and reduces any effects from greenhouse gases.

With the constantly rising price of electricity these savings  will only increases with each increase in the cost of your energy.

Methods of storing your excess generated solar power in battery banks for use after the solar system ceases generation for the day are available, these allow you to   store excess solar generated power for use after the system has ceased generating energy for the day, we are happy to discuss these storage methods with you if you wish.

Our installation warranty is simple and no fuss, read it here – Glen Clark & Co Installation Warranty

Call us now on (03) 9736 3993 for a no obligation quotation for your Grid Connected Solar Power or Energy Storage System.